Featured Artist: Maja Wronska

Maja Wrońska is an Poland-based architect in her fifth year at Warsaw University of Technology. She has taken on her mother’s trade of architecture and has been drawing buildings and castles since she was a little girl. Poland’s skill requirements for architectural school prompted Maja to attend drawing classes, which changed her attitude towards drawing and gave her inspiration as a developing artist.

I discovered Maja’s work through her site on Deviant Art and was first drawn to her work Girl With A Red Umbrella, particularly because of the detail in the building and its reflection on the street, combined with the skillful use of watercolor, and the concept of combining a structural concept with imaginative undertones. I first mistook the scattered white and red circles as raindrops, but during our interview Maja corrected me and said they were lampions as inspired by the lantern scene in the movie Tangled. Girl With A Red Umbrella is actually a depiction of Kupala Night in Poznań, Poland, a solstice celebration where thousands of lanterns float all over the city.

Because of her impressive art, we wanted to find out more about the artist’s process. Maja said that her works usually begin with an impulse that pushes her towards drawing. It’s instantaneous and urgent, and she starts by using pencils, and then markers, and concludes with watercolor. Maja loves the combination of purple and blue and says she enjoys using a sprinkler with blue or red paint to create random spots on the paper.

As an artist, Maja understands the difficulty to remain creatively inspired considering the various demands of work, school and family. For the readers of Creativation Space, she recommended stopping for a moment and enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, listening to music and looking at art, to remind oneself of a great feeling of inspiration.

Below, Creativation Space has chosen a few of Maja’s pieces which are examples of her architecture-based foundations and great watercoloring skills.

Portale is a painting based on a photograph, and is the artist’s favorite work. The detail of the arches and the doorways of what seems to be a church is very intricate and skillfully carried out.

Firenze captures the view from the Uffizi to the river in Firenze (Florence) during a family trip.

Roma is a depiction of the most impressive building the artist saw during a trip to Rome. The Palazzo di Giustizia’s large size and detail was an immediate inspiration for Maja to put it down on paper.

Warszawa is such a great treatment of typical European city plazas where people gather around small stores. I love the ornate details in the façade of the buildings, their similar (but not identical) earth tone colors, and the definition of the people that is as much as watercolor would allow.

Witraz does stained glass so creatively, in that it admits the difficulty in truly capturing the different colors glass shows in light, and applies the randomness of paint to the piece to capture this movement.

Lastly, Cologne captures the blue-gray shades of a German city with the background of the Cologne Cathedral. The vein-like network of barren tree branches as well as the random shading lend to the cold and foggy appearance of this painting.

Thanks for sharing your work, Maja!

The artist’s other work and contact information is here.


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