Featured Artist: Kasia Pawlak

Kasia Pawlak is a Singapore-based artist and mother of two boys from Warsaw, who taught herself how to paint through the internet and in the process, learned the importance of “painting from the heart”. Having had a similar struggle with trusting myself to create, Kasia’s story resonated with me. Her energetic and expressive paintings are the result of this journey to discover herself as a creative individual. She shares her work with us as well as her thoughts on painting, her process and the things that motivate her.

Club Street


Tokyo Heat

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Featured Artist: Denise Gallagher

We found Denise’s illustrations on the Brooklyn Art Project website. Denise obtained her BFA from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. As a lover of illustration and design, she became a graphic designer upon graduation.

Denise continued creating illustrations but did not have a style she could call her own. About seven years ago, Denise realized that although she was enjoying a creative career as a graphic designer, she had stopped doing anything simply for the joy of creating. When Denise was a child, she drew constantly. In college, she was never without her sketchbook. But as an adult graphic designer, she got to a point where she couldn’t remember the last time she had drawn for fun.

This was when Denise decided to start drawing again. She gave herself an assignment and a deadline each week. She had no client to please and no creative director to impress. Denise described how she regained her joy of creating artwork: Read More

Featured Artist: Elise Wilk

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Elise Wilk is a French graphic illustrator who submitted her work to Creativation Space. We were quite impressed by the originality of her work which turns out to be an offshoot of her background in theater. While working in theatre in Paris, she decided to study art in Naples and Bruxelles, studying illustration.


Elise believes that art is another way of looking at the world, but in a more sensitive way. Her roots in theater manifest themselves in her work, where her physical approach in painting and drawing are a reflection of her background in buto, dance, and improvisation. A distinct feature of her art is the presence of dramatic characters wearing masks grotesque expressions, often appearing in colorful action poses.

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Featured Artist: Paula Guinto

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Paula Guinto is a teacher, writer, and contributor to our affiliate site LitraTula. We’ve always felt that her photos stood out in how they captured the emotions of her subjects. As a writer and a teacher, Paula considers documenting and collecting objects as part of her DNA. She credits the influence of her brother Mon, who has been a photographer hobbyist for over twenty years.

A lot has been written about the beauty and culture of India so I didn’t have to ask her why she chose the country as a subject. What I wanted to know was if she anticipated on her first visit that she would be able to capture such stunning photos of its people, and at what point she discovered the wealth of images waiting to be documented.

Paula visited India for the first time without any assumptions. She had heard people’s stories and had seen photos in travel shows and magazines but never really knew what to expect. While she had her own preconceived notions of the country, she never thought she would fall in love with it.  She became smitten by its people, the food, and seeing these through her lens, she realized how misguided her ideas were about a nation that was different each time she returned.

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Featured Artist: Saskia de Korte

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We found Saskia’s work on Deviant Art. We were initially drawn to her self-portrait because it seemed to speak so much for the artist. As it turns out, our assumptions were correct. After asking Saskia a couple of questions, we realized that she was indeed as introspective and reflective as her self-portrait made us feel.

Saskia made this piece based on her own photographs, beginning with tracing key lines of the face, and experimented with colors before she started painting. She notes the difference between digital art over traditional art in that digital art “allows you to endlessly tweak your colours without making a huge mess of your painting and palette. When I’ve got all the features, shadows and highlights in the right place I put away the reference image and work on the painting some more to prevent it from becoming an exact copy of the photograph. I want my paintings to be personal and unique, not a reproduction of something else.”

A portrait of the folk singer Sam Beam of Iron & Wine

Saskia’s use of colors is unique in that it appears to mimic the effect of light on the subject as a tool to magnify the smallest details.

Portrait of Eirik G. Bøe and Erlend Øye (Kings of Conveniece),

She also enjoys capturing images of her favorite musical icons in her paintings. Read More

Featured Artist: Jeremy Baum

Featured Artist: Jeremy Baum

July 6, 2012  |  feature artist, submission  |  1 Comment

Jeremy Baum’s earliest memory as an artist was as a child sitting on his father’s lap as he drew his favorite cartoons for him. Jeremy is a Pittsburgh-based artist we found on DeviantArt. He attended art school but opted not to mention the institution as it is under litigation. Jeremy believes that some college education and exposure to art school was immensely beneficial to his craft. He was exposed to influential ideas and like-minded people but advises young artists that a degree in art is only useful if one aims to be an educator. Otherwise, Jeremy believes that a couple of art classes should be enough exposure for young artists to figure out what excites them and to educate themselves from there.

“Kubrick” 9×12 ballpoint pen and Prismacolor marker on bristol. Copyright 2009.

We were initially impressed by the degree of detail and realism in Jeremy’s portraits. We asked him about his process in creating portraits and he said that he sometimes uses a photo for loose reference but mostly draws from memory or from his own face in the mirror, beginning with loose pencil sketches, outlining in ink, and then laying down the colors and the final hatching. Read More

Featured Artist: Sergey Nikolaev

Sergey Nikolaev is an artist and illustrator based in Moscow. As a young child, Sergey was an avid reader and found inspiration from the tales of adventures in his books. Gathering ideas from the stories, Sergey would draw pictures of pirates and Indians in the margins of his books. Recognizing his passion for art, Sergey’s mother enrolled him into art school to further cultivate his talents.


I was first drawn to Sergey’s work because of his interesting compositions and provocative subject matter. What looked like a simple, large drawing of a pair of glasses became almost abstract and three-dimensional when viewed up close. His multimedia collages seem to be screaming through the use of various typography, which become a competing series of patterns for someone like me, who doesn’t read the Cyrillic alphabet. According to Sergey, the use of these bits of type are a complex visual representation of noise in our modern culture.


What I also found unique was Sergey’s presentation. He finds drab but richly textured environments for his brightly-colored work. These almost monochromatic and desaturated backgrounds have the effect of making his collages and paintings look like they are jumping out of their surroundings.


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Drawings by Martina Visnjic

Martina Višnjić is a Croatian artist with a background in both textile and graphic design.  She works as a graphic designer and illustrator, citing  love, colors and fairy tales as her inspirations.

Martina had always used pencils for her drawings until she attempted the use of watercolor. Surprisingly, she fell in love with the quality of drawings and continued creating artwork with watercolors and ink on paper. To learn more about Martina, please click here.

Featured Artist: Sara Skogsberg

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I found Sara Skogsberg’s work on Pinterest and was immediately drawn to the woodprint nature of her art. Her pieces consistently showed bold strokes as if imprinted by a stamp carefully carved to show these details.

Sara Skosberg just completed three years of art school in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is currently seeking a conservator position. Drawing has always been a passion for Sara since she was four years old, but she didn’t really put much time into it until a few years ago when she decided to pursue her craft full-time.

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Paintings by Sara Roizon

“River Dream – Sold” acrylic and mixed media on canvas 32″ x 48″


Sara Roizen is an artist and licensed creative arts therapist. She received a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Masters in Art Therapy from Pratt Institute. Read More